Wedding or a wedding reception, an unforgettable day in the couple’s life is a day where two people and two families are brought together as one. The details of planning a reception, combined with finding reliable caterers and other wedding vendors can overwhelm even the most detail-oriented couple. The most expensive part about a wedding is usually the reception. The first and foremost thing you should consider is hiring a wedding coordinator. The hiring can be done just two weeks before the reception as it will not seem out of your budget. Planning and executing your wedding reception day is very difficult and so anybody experienced in this field will ensure you to have a breath taking event.
Your timeline is just a piece of paper. Be prepared that not everything will go according to the plan and instead of stressing, try to go with the flow and celebrate your new beginnings. Always focus on priorities. The key is to think like a professional. The location of the reception matters a lot. Choose a location where there is lot of space to accommodate your guest and has a wonderful ambience. Book the desired venue in advance. Then decide whether you need an outdoor reception or an indoor reception.
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The next important thing to be considered in a wedding reception is the food served to the guests. This always decides the success of the wedding. A lot of caterers have great discounts for Friday and Sunday receptions. A great way to cut off large cost of your wedding reception is to organize it on a Friday or Sunday. Even if the place you choose offers a full menu, you usually have plenty of room for creating a cheap wedding reception menu.
Plan low cost entertainment. Your aim is to entertain the guest and it should be fun filled with extremely low cost. Decoration of the venue can also be restricted by including items like balloons, flowers candles etc. which are not very expensive.
Even small budget receptions can be made stunning and grand with the right planning. It is not necessary for the invitees to know the cost of the things used. After all, it is all about togetherness and fun at a reception that matters and not the cost of the reception.