Wedding, one of the most unforgettable occasions in one’s life is always planned with its own pomp, show, and grandeur. But, is the money and time spent on these wedding worthwhile by itself?  Simple weddings are meaningful and memorable. They are less stressful too. The anxieties and worries associated with grand weddings are more. The less time consumed for planning the simple wedding make us stress-free. The first thing to keep in mind is to invite few invitees who really matter to you. This will make us feel happy and you can turn this special day into a fabulous get together rather than a show-off event. A wonderful, neat and gorgeous venue needs less adornment. So money can be saved on unwanted decorations. Choose a place where invitees can reach fast, so that time and money spent on travelling can be reduced to half. The reception and the wedding should be planned in the same place and this too can cut down the costdecoration3

The invitation is another most important thing on a couple’s list. Our intention is to inform the invitees about the time and venue and so we can opt for paper invitations which can be purchased for the best price. The design too can be made simple and beautiful. Overspending on wedding attire are not more meaningful as these clothes are meant to be worn for a day and sometimes only on other special occasions, so choose dresses that are simple and elegant! Flowers that are in season can be used for floral decorations and always avoid using very pricey flowers. One should remember that wedding is not a competition, it is a celebration. Memories of your wedding should bring you happiness and it is not necessary to out-do anyone.

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