DestinationWeddingsA number of affluent and sometimes even the upper middle class wedding aspirants look forward and plan to have a destination wedding. While most of them plan to have it at popular Indian locations such as Goa, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Kerala, some of them plan to have  it in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and others.

The Indian cities such as Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur offer royal palaces and regal locations for arranging a princely wedding. The state of Kerala offers exotic locations to have nature blended wedding and elephant themed weddings.

The destination weddings though appear to be costly, in the actual sense, they work out to be more cost effective than the local weddings. This is primarily due to the fact that the destination weddings will be normally attended by a limited number of invited guests and relatives. This reduction in the number of guests in turn cuts down the expenses on food and others.

Also, the current trend in destination weddings allows the wedding planners and hotels to offer economical packages, thus offering extra savings in such  destination weddings. Some of the such packages include a discount on room rental, airport pickup and drop, cost-less meals, free use of venues inside a hotel and others. Additionally the selection of a nature surrounding location saves on money reserved for indoor decorations.

The destination wedding offers a totally different type of wedding atmosphere when compared to the local weddings. The repetitive choices  and lack of variety make the local weddings monotonous and boring. The destination weddings, while fulfilling the need of the wedding also offers the guests a kind of enjoyable vacation that adds zest to the wedding experience.

Points to remember about destination weddings

A locally organised wedding enables you to invite all your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to attend the wedding on a fixed day, A destination wedding in addition to the wedding expenses already spent may also require you to arrange for a small reception or party exclusively for those who could not attend the wedding. Sometimes such expenses go beyond the allocated expense level.

Negotiating and dealing with the vendors in a foreign wedding location has been always a problem. If you are unlucky you may not like the vendor mentioned in the hotel list and may find it difficult to interact. Also celebrating a traditional Indian style of wedding with suitable Pundit, Mehendi artists, dancers and Baraat may be difficult due to their non-availability at the location. In that case you may have to spend on their travel and stay to manage the wedding.

Before deciding on a destination wedding it is essential to visit the proposed destination of wedding to understand the location, the facilities existing, availability of standby options and reliability of the vendors. Work out the costs and compare it with the local wedding expenses to decide on your choice about a destination wedding or a local wedding.